Help Me Kick JT’s Ass at Poker

Help Me Kick JT’s Ass at Poker March 13, 2012

The International Freethought Film Festival takes place the first week of August, 2012, and they’ve come up with a really cool fundraising idea. They’re going to have a poker tournament featuring some freethought “celebrities” and I’m one of the folks invited to participate. So is JT Eberhard, who for reasons I must assume includes immense self-delusion, seems to think he can beat me at poker. I’m going to prove him wrong.

All of the money raised at this event will go to benefit the Foundation Beyond Belief. But here’s the thing: They aren’t paying our way there. A few months ago I would have just paid for it out of pocket, but I’m now semi-unemployed and don’t really know if I’ll be able to afford the cost of the trip come August. And JT isn’t exactly rolling in money either, so we’re asking our readers to help us pay the cost of the trip.

For a little added incentive, he and I have a side bet. When he gets knocked out before I do in the tournament, I get to make him walk around Skepticon later this year in a t-shirt that says “Ed is a poker god.” Theoretically, he could make me wear one that says the same thing about him, but since that isn’t gonna happen it really isn’t worth even talking about.

Also participating will by Margaret Downey, Sean Faircloth, DJ Grothe and many others. It’s a moral imperative that I show them who the real poker pro is in the skeptical world. So if you could help out by making a donation below, I’d really appreciate it. If more than enough money is raised for the trip, any excess will be donated to the Foundation Beyond Belief directly.

JT badly needs to be put in his place. He may be young, good looking, charismatic and in possession of the voice of Pavarotti, but old age, skill and guile shall win out in the end. I was playing poker when he was still pooping his pants. The last time he did that, of course, was when I accepted his challenge. He’s going down like the Titanic.

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  • Reginald Selkirk

    He’s insane, which might be an unfair advantage.

  • I think I’ll be donating to both gentlemans from FTB who are going at some point over the coming weeks.

    Personally, I kinda hope they film this. Normally watching poker would be boring, but I expect the “table talk” between the various people involved here would be quite fun.

  • Randomfactor

    How would you beat an atheist at poker? He’d NEVER have faith in your bluffs…

  • Insanity…and a ruthless efficiency.

    This will be fun. 🙂

  • Abby Normal

    All skeptics poker could be fun. But I would totally tune in for Pundit Poker. Network execs take note, it’s Real Time meets GSN’s High Stakes Poker. Political bloggers, talking heads, and a smattering of celebrities get together each week to discuss current events and collect chips. Come on, it’s at least worth a pilot.

  • sinned34

    Personally, I kinda hope they film this.

    Ugh, the only thing worse than playing poker is watching poker.

    That said, because I support the cause, I’ll be willing to donate to both of you in this boring endeavor. However, I have one demand you must meet: after you beat JT at poker, he then gets to beat you in a karaoke-off where both of you compete at singing “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga (and it must be uploaded to YouTube).

    Realize that I detest Lady Gaga, so really I’m just increasing my own suffering, but it’d be worth it to watch you shaking it onstage to crappy pop music, Ed.

  • What happens if I beat Ed? Must he still face me on my home turf in the arena of music?

  • Didaktylos

    I’ve got a better idea – Ed and JT video their renditions of “Poker Face” now and if Lady GaGa stumps enough cash to pay for their trips, they agree not to post them on YouTube …

  • sinned34

    What happens if I beat Ed? Must he still face me on my home turf in the arena of music?

    Damned right, but then he also has to dress up in a recreation of one of her outfits!

  • My readers are clearly evil. They’ve come to the right place.

  • sinned34

    My readers are clearly evil. They’ve come to the right place.

    So, does that mean you accept the secondary challenge?

  • Unlike sports, anyone can beat anyone in poker. If you have a 60/40 chance to double your money going all in, do you take it? That’s winning poker in the long run, but do that at this tournament and you might lose. Do you plan to refuse those opportunities? Also, the advantage of a good player gets diminished in some of these tournaments if the blinds go up quickly.

  • christophburschka

    Insanity…and a ruthless efficiency.

    And an almost fanatical devotion to the pope! Oh wait, wrong line.

  • fastlane

    I think this is case where those wise words will prove prophetic:

    “Youth and skill are no match for old age and treachery.”

    My money’s on Ed. However, to try to make sure this happens, I will donate an equal amount to both parties. =)

  • twincats

    Done. Make us proud. Ed!