Banner Author Objects to Jessica’s Scholarship

Banner Author Objects to Jessica’s Scholarship March 15, 2012

The guy who apparently wrote the prayer on the mural at the high school in Cranston, Rhode Island is hopping mad that a federal judge ordered it taken down. And he’s spewing some serious stupid, especially at Jessica Ahlquist, in a letter to the editor of the Hartford Courant:

I read the article Feb. 26 about a fundraising campaign among atheists to build a $40,000-plus scholarship fund for Jessica Alquist of Cranston, R.I. [news, “Athiest Who Fought School Prayer Banner To Get Scholarship”]

How nice of them. Jessica was duped by her ACLU-leaning father and uncle into bringing suit against the city of Cranston over the display of a school prayer that I wrote in 1960.

Dear Jessica isn’t yet old enough to know the meaning of atheism. She was used (and permanently injured) by powers and ideologies in the name of secular liberal progressivism that she can’t possibly understand at her tender age.

Ah yes, good old-fashioned concern trolling. Of course, you’re just concerned about Jessica. Never mind that you have zero evidence for the claim that she was duped into anything. In fact, it was her idea to challenge the banner. She’s a very intelligent person and quite capable of reaching her own conclusions. As for the meaning of atheism, it’s not that hard to understand; it just means no belief in God.

Furthermore, I’d like to think that, as the author of the moral and upstanding school prayer in question, I’d be entitled to ten or a hundred times as much money as Jessica has been awarded for having torn it down and repudiated decency and morality in our schools. Where are my donors?

Who knows. Who cares. Hemant Mehta created a scholarship fund for her because he wanted to. We created the t-shirts that helped build that fund because we wanted to. Jessica isn’t “entitled” to it, we all did it of our own free will. Others could do the same for you, of course. Maybe you should go to some of the local churches and demand that they give you money. Let us know how that works out for you.

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