Hovind Adviser Pleads on Child Abuse Charges

Hovind Adviser Pleads on Child Abuse Charges March 18, 2012

A Colorado pastor has pleaded guilty to charges of being an accessory to child abuse and failing to report child abuse for his role in covering up an illicit relationship between his niece and a 15-year old boy at the school he ran.

The former church leader and superintendent of Hilltop Baptist Church in Colorado Springs entered a guilty plea in exchange for several charges being dropped by prosecutors.

Pastor Frankin “Wayne” Knight took the deal on Feb. 17. Knight pleaded guilty to being an accessory to a crime and failure to report suspected child abuse, according to court records.

Friends of Knight told CALL7 Investigators that he planned to move to Texas.

Why do I bring this up? Because Knight is also the president of Patriot “University” and the dissertation adviser to Kent Hovind. As a friend of mine suggested, the only advice he likely gave Hovind was to go easy on the crayon.

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