Alabama: We Got Both Kinds, Fascist AND Totalitarian

Alabama: We Got Both Kinds, Fascist AND Totalitarian March 19, 2012

Roy Moore won the Republican nomination for the Alabama Supreme Court. But Moore, who famously urged execution for gay parents in a custody case in 2002, is scarcely worse than his Democratic opponent, Harry Lyon. For example, he’s in favor of random drug testing of students in public schools:

“The number one problem facing Alabama today is our youth getting addicted to drugs,” Lyon said “The most important plank in my program is to require all high school students in both public and private schools to be subjected to random drug testing at school. If they are found to be positive with drugs in their system, then a school counselor and the parents would be required to go before a juvenile court judge. The juvenile court judge would tailor-make a program for that individual based on the drugs their taking, what that problem is.”

And he thinks that executing Mexicans is a good way to handle illegal immigration:

Tim Lennox: “‘It would only take five or 10 getting killed and broadcast on CNN for it to send a clear message not to fool, or not to step foot rather, in Alabama.’ Is that an accurate quote?”

Harry Lyon: “That’s an accurate quote. You have have to get tough on things like this. We’re losing 35 to 50 soldiers a day in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s a tough proposal, but the legislature would have to approve it.”

Lyon: “If I were an illegal alien in Alabama and I read that in the newspaper, I wouldn’t wait around for laws to be passed, I would be going back to my homeland. They broke in here, they violated our laws. It’s no different than breaking into your house.” …

Lyon: “Now, I can assure you that proposal would fly right through the Alabama legislature if one of these illegal immigrants were to blow up the Galleria, OK?”

Lennox: “Well, but there’s no indication that any immigrants in Alabama, illegal or otherwise, have done anything along these lines—”

Lyon: “Well, there’s no indication about 9/11 until the buildings came down.”

Lennox: “I mean, are you suggesting that this is a real concern of yours?”

Lyon: “Absolutely. These people are not here legally, they are here illegally. What do they care about the laws of Alabama, or the United States? Slap in our face.”

That either of these men would be allowed anywhere near a Supreme Court is proof that A) judicial elections in general are a bad idea, and B) Alabama is nuts.

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