Wingnut: Marriage Equality ‘Deconstructs Humanity’

Wingnut: Marriage Equality ‘Deconstructs Humanity’ April 4, 2012

I swear, there’s some sort of contest going on among bigots to see who can come up with the most absurdly hyperbolic argument for the overwhelming destruction that marriage equality will bring to us all. It will not only destroy the institution of marriage, it will destroy civilization itself! And now, according to Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Famly, the entire human race with it:

First, same-sex “marriage” not only redefines marriage wholesale for everyone, but it actually deconstructs humanity itself. That’s a very strong and consequential assertion, but that is exactly what it does. Same-sex “marriage” essentially creates genderless marriage by saying 1), the fundamental male and female nature of humanity doesn’t matter in any way, and 2), the different parties to a marriage are wholly interchangeable. Male and female as the basic foundation of family — as well as society — simply become preferential, like your taste for Rocky Road or Butter Pecan ice cream. Solely a matter of personal taste.

But the way this really deconstructs humanity is that it says that you as a husband or father, or you as a wife or mother, have no real meaning or significance in your fundamental humanity — a humanity which always reveals itself as either male or female.

Yum, a word salad! But he still dodges the essential question to which he claims to be responding: How does it affect your marriage? Or any marriage? The overwhelming majority of people will continue to do exactly as the overwhelming majority of people have always done. People aren’t going to stop getting married or stop forming male/female relationships. But the small percentage of people who don’t fit that simple blueprint will now not be punished legally for not fitting it. And that’s a good thing.

Next time he should just go all the way and claim that same-sex marriage will destroy the universe. That’s where such nonsensical arguments are inevitably leading.

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