Fox News Anchor Wants Your Thoughts on Crazy Conspiracy Theory

Fox News Anchor Wants Your Thoughts on Crazy Conspiracy Theory April 6, 2012

Heather Childers, a weekend anchor for Fox News, apparently likes to tweet about the most insane conspiracy theories and invite your thoughts. Charles Johnson has some examples, like linking to birther articles and, even worse, this seriously crazy article about Obama threatening to kill Chelsea Clinton to keep Bill and Hillary silent on his ineligibility for the presidency.

Thoughts? Did Obama Campaign Threaten Chelsea Clinton’s Life 2 Keep Parents Silent? Godfather Politics:…

sure, I have some thoughts. You’re a moron. That’s a thought. Johnson gave his thoughts too, telling her in a tweet, “You’re nuts.” And that got her all tweaked.

Name calling… nice. Nice conversation folks. Does anyone have an actual point to make? wow so many VERY angry people.

Yeah, how unfair! She was just trying to start a civil conversation about Obama the alien threatening to kill the children even of his political allies in order to illegally hold on to power. She was just inviting your thoughts. And then you go and say mean things about her! What a martyr. She then defended it for a day or two, using the “but I was just asking for opinions” excuse — by the way, how long have you been threatening to kill other peoples’ children, Mr. President? But now it seems the Fox News brass decided this went a bit too far even for them. They told Media Matters that they’ve spoken with Childers and she now understands that she made a mistake. The fact that she repeatedly defended herself suggests otherwise, of course.

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