A New Religious Right Legal Group

A New Religious Right Legal Group April 8, 2012

Ooh, we have a new religious right legal group that has formed, joining the American Center for Law and Justice, Liberty Counsel, the Alliance Defense Fund, the American Civil Rights Union, the Thomas More Law Center and many others. It’s called the American Freedom Law Center and it has an interesting way of describing itself:

The American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) is a nonprofit, Judeo-Christian organization. It is singularly unique as the first truly authentic Judeo-Christian public interest law firm.

Yes, it’s “singularly unique” (welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department). because it’s a “Judeo-Christian” organization. But wait, don’t all the other groups listed above claim to defend “Judeo-Christian values” (whatever that is)? Of course. So what makes this one “singularly unique”? Apparently the fact that one of its two founders is Jewish, the absolutely deranged David Yerushalmi. But then the ACLJ is led by Jay Sekulow, who calls himself a messianic Jew. Of course, a messianic Jew is just a Christian.

The other is Robert Muise, one of the attorneys who got beat down like Trevor Berbick in the Dover trial. He apparently left the Thomas More Law Center to strike out on his own. And he’s actually won some cases that he should have won, like defending the Christian group that was arrested in Dearborn for preaching at the Arab International Festival. But like the TMLC, they usually lose.

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