Obama Creating ‘Worldwide Homosexual Terror Group’

Obama Creating ‘Worldwide Homosexual Terror Group’ April 11, 2012

Brian Camenker of the group MassResistance stands out even on the anti-gay right for the sheer insanity and astounding bigotry of their views. Even by the right’s standards, they stand on the fringes with nuts like Scott Lively and Eugene Delgaudio. This recent screed about the Obama administration’s decision to use diplomatic pressure to protect the human rights of gays and lesbians around the world is a perfect example.

The Obama administration has announced that it is taking the unbelievable role of pushing the homosexual agenda around the world and punishing countries that don’t comply…

Now, foreign countries which seek to protect their citizens against homosexuality and the homosexual movement will be actively confronted by America’s State Department, foreign service, and other federal departments, according to a Presidential Memorandum released by the Obama Administration announced on Dec. 6.

Well sure. Because when Uganda allows roving gangs of bigots to burn gay people alive and their legislature considers a bill to put them to death at the hands of the government, they’re just seeking to “protect their citizens against homosexuality.” Of course, if this were being done to Christians then Camenker would be screaming bloody murder about the Obama administration’s lack of action to prevent it. But gay people are subhuman to him, so it’s an outrage that anyone would defend their rights.

But he’s just getting warmed up. In response to Sec. of State Hillary Clinton establishing a $3 million fund to “support the work of civil society organizations working on these issues around the world,” Camenker goes completely nuts:

Starting a worldwide homosexual terror group?

As she said, this $3 million is “to start the fund.”

Look for enormous funding to come from various far-left government and private sources. This is quite frightening, because these radical groups can be used to perpetrate all kinds of sleazy and quasi-legal destabilizing and harassing activities in foreign countries that US government agencies can’t do so easily…

Take another look the list of federal agencies involved, and the vehemence of the Obama administration on this. Make no mistake about it. This will lead to increasingly brutal oppression against people with traditional values both in America and around the world.

This man is completely thwacked.

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  • Doug Little

    This will lead to increasingly brutal oppression against people with traditional values both in America and around the world.

    Wow, the Bryan Fischer award of the century has a new contender.

  • dingojack

    Well I mean here’s documented proof of the insidious effects of Homosexuality on the English Military.



    * Not intended as a factual statement in any way, shape or form

  • Gregory in Seattle

    This man is completely thwacked.

    He is a religious zealot, so yeah.

  • Sounds like somebody got stood up at the restroom stall at Kmart Saturday night.

  • slc1

    Re Dingojack @ #2

    To be politically correct here, it’s the British military; Great Britain consists of more then England.

  • eric

    “Brutal oppression against people with traditional values” = “We can’t kill people we don’t like any more.”

  • jnorris

    Ed, did you leave anything out in your article? I want to know how Brian Camenker remains alive while exposing this Well-Funded International Gay Terrorist group. I cannot imagine the WFIGT letting him live one more second.

    Note to Brian Camenker: hide from the WFIGT in your closet. They never look in the closet.

  • imrryr

    Chances are my attempt to join Obama’s Worldwide Homosexual Terror Group will come to nothing, just like that time I tried to become a FEMA camp guard. And I was so excited about the possibility of getting assigned to the camp that Glenn Beck will be shipped off to 🙁

  • dingojack

    At the time, not so much. See Acts of Union (1707).


  • Well, I for one am scared to death that some jackbooted nannythug will come to my house and infect me with teh GAY!

    Totally OT, but I gotta tell somebody.

    Joe Arpaio’s partner in crime (former county DA Andrew Thomas) and two of their henchwome are being disbarred. I can’t wait to see Shurf Joe in a pink diaper.

  • wscott

    infect me with teh GAY.

    Spot on, demo. It’s not just that they think gays are subhuman, they think homosexuality is contagious.

  • Robert B.

    This makes me furious.

    They can do whatever they want – up to and including killing people in the street – but if the victims are gay, this is not a terror state, this is not rule by hate and fear. This is “protecting their citizens against homosexuality.” Implying that people wanting to live their fucking lives are actually gangs of rapists wandering the streets, pumping clouds of evil purple gayness gas into the living rooms of innocent, upstanding religious families. Anything you do to them is perfectly justified and reasonable, because (and they don’t always actually say this, but it’s always understood) because everyone knows God hates fags.

    But you want to fund a political lobby? Organize a social movement? Just stand up and say in public that this is some evil fucking bullshit? That’s TERRORISM! It doesn’t matter how horrible the people you oppose are, or how mildly you go about it, you are the fucking terrorist. There are parts of the world now where the oppression is so bad that gay people would be ethically justified in banding together, smuggling in weapons, and getting some asymmetrical warfare on. (Maybe not practically wise, but ethically justified. If someone is trying to kill you, you can kill them back.) But they’re not. They’re taking political action to protect, not their right to get married, not their right to hold hands in public, but their right to not get fucking burned to death! On this continent, we started a war and overthrew the government after radicals exaggerated the Boston “Massacre” to make it sound like what is actually happening as a sustained top-level policy in Uganda. Over there, they are peacefully agitating for social change. And that’s terrorism.

    What the hell, humanity. What the actual hell.

  • dingojack

    “they think homosexuality is contagious”.

    No you don’t understand ‘teh Ghey’ is something they just can’t resist.

    Which kind of says something about their basal sexual orientation.

    Thier religion says it’s wrong, so even though they desire it, it is evil, therefore…

    Those poor, sad gits.


  • I guess one sign of a type of mental illness could be not being able to grasp living in a world where it’s “not all aboot you”

  • abear

    If Iranian president Amadnutjob becomes the victim of a bomb attack it will be clear where the terrorists got the funding to buy the glitter.

  • John Hinkle

    Brian Camenker of the group MassResistance…

    I guess they didn’t get the memo. Resistance is futile.

  • d cwilson

    As if I needed further proof that we now live in the Bizarro world, this jaw-dropping, weapons-grade idiocy where bigots are crying victim because they are not being allowed to violently oppress people that they don’t life, would be it.

  • dan4

    “Now, foreign countries which seek to protect their citizens against homosexuality and the homosexual movement…”

    Funny, I thought the Brian Camenkers of the world were AGAINST governments acting as “nanny state.” Also, notice how Camenker basically denies even the citizenship of the homosexuals of the aforementioned “foreign countries” by not even placing “heterosexual” in front of “citizens.” Real nice.

  • What did you expect from that creepy, queer, looting & lying, disgracefully traitorous n!gger asshole in our White House? We, all of US, are just chopped liver to him!