Wingnuts: Right If It Does, Right If It Doesn’t

Wingnuts: Right If It Does, Right If It Doesn’t April 12, 2012

Lou Engle, the absolutely deranged and self-declared apostle, says that the reason the tornadoes in Dallas last week didn’t kill anyone was because he and his cohorts were praying to God. Right Wing Watch reports:

“We didn’t gather here to have a nice little worship service!” he informed the crowd. “We’re actually creating a throne,” he explained, to contain God and the “angelic hosts by the thousands” who would be attending the rally. Many of them, he said, had come with 39 women, part of an organization called Back To Life, who had just walked from Houston to Dallas to protest legal abortion’s roots in Texas.

“Who would have guessed that when they crossed over the county line of Dallas, 12 tornadoes exploded,” Engle cried. “And no deaths!” The tornadoes, the hail, the grounded planes at the airport — all of this, he told the women and girls and more than a few men in the crowd — were a sign that God would hear the prayers of those assembled, and use them to influence worldly affairs.

Isn’t that convenient? When natural disasters happen and lots of people die, that’s proof that God is sending a message. When they don’t happen or when they happen but no one dies, that proves that prayer works and that God loves us. Heads they win, tails reality loses.

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