Yes, Virginia, Some Do Still Believe in the Paluxy ‘Man Tracks’

Yes, Virginia, Some Do Still Believe in the Paluxy ‘Man Tracks’ April 13, 2012

Anyone who has followed the creationist movement for the past few decades as I have knows about the Paluxy “man tracks,” an incredible series of footprints left by dinosaurs in what is now the Paluxy river near Glen Rose, Texas. It’s the home of Carl Baugh, a creationist charlatan who continues to push the notion that man and dinosaurs walked side by side even as many of his fellow young earthers have rejected that claim. The Texas Observer went and talked to some of the locals, who predictably said a lot of silly things.

“MOST EVERYONE IN Glen Rose that I know believes man and dinosaurs coexisted,” Alice Lance tells me at the annual tractor pull. “The only conflict we have is when people move from metropolitan areas and have different value systems. I think some don’t have a strong [religious] belief system, and they’re more likely to go with science than faith.”

Yeah, them big city folk with their fancy degrees and their peer reviewed journals. Commies, all of em! They have no place in Sarah Palin’s Real America, especially in small towns where all the good people come from.

Mary Adams, the niece of George Adams, who found the dinosaur tracks more than a century ago, recently delivered a presentation to youth at the First Baptist Church warning them against belief in evolution.

“If we were not created by God,” the 87-year-old Adams tells me, “there’s no one to whom we are accountable. We can live exactly as we please.”

This has always struck me as a weird argument. It argues for the existence of God by claiming that the non-existence of God would be bad. But so what? Even if it’s true that a lack of god leads to bad things, it doesn’t logically follow that there is one. Wanting there to be a god doesn’t make one magically appear.

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