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I Get Email April 14, 2012

I got a very strange email last weekend from a woman. It was actually a forwarded message that she had sent to Roger Pilon and Gene Healy, both with the Cato Institute, arguing against them that gay people should be covered by the 14th amendment. The only thing it said to me was: “Mr. Brayton: FYI.” Here’s the email:

Dear Mr. Pilon and Mr. Healy:

The Fourteenth Amendment doesn’t apply to people with homosexuality or transgenderism–no matter what the half-loony Supreme Court says (the loony half including Kennedy).

Heterosexuality and homosexuality are not “similarly situated.” (Justices O’Connor, Kennedy, and Ginsburg have all misframed homosexuals as a “class” or “status.”)

Nature of These Conditions. Heterosexuality is normal sexuality. Homosexuality is abnormal, distorted sexuality.

Causes. Although a heterosexual person may have other psychological disorders, heterosexuality itself is the product of natural propensities combined with more-or-less adequate gender affirmation in the crucial early years. Homosexuality is the product of the same propensities combined with inadequate gender affirmation. The partner is unconsciously used as a gender crutch to give relief to a state of gender self-alienation. (With transgenders, the same-sex parent emotional vacuum was filled by one or more people of the opposite sex during the crucial early years.)

Prevention. Homosexuality can be prevented through gender-affirmative practices on the part of parents and parent figures. “Prevention” does not apply to heterosexuality.

Treatment. “Treatment” does not apply to heterosexuality. Homosexuality and transgenderism have been successfully treated through modern psychodynamic psychotherapy and same-sex mentoring.

The real information is at www.narth.com. Also informative are www.gaytostraight.org, www.peoplecanchange.com, www.pfox.org, www.janellehallman.com, and www.josephnicolosi.com.

GayScam is a moral and constitutional atrocity. The American people will end it.

Thank you.

–Sharon Kass

Washington, D.C.

My reply: “You wanted me to know that you’re an ignorant bigot just for my information? How kind of you.”

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