Another Wingnut Obsessed with God in Schools

Another Wingnut Obsessed with God in Schools April 15, 2012

A local TV station has a report on a man in Butte County, California who is positively obsessed with getting his religious beliefs in school in any way possible. And he’s upset that the county is making him move the road signs he put up further from the road to comply with the law.

A Magalia man says governmental red tape is not going to stop his continuing crusade to bring religion and love of country back into public schools.

For Glenn Stankis, it’s a fight that dates back several years.

Stankis has run for school board four times in the past nine years, based on a platform of Christian Beliefs.

He’s also tried and failed to implement an Elective class on the Bible at Paradise high school…

When we spoke to Stankis he told us he goes through all the trouble because he wants the Paradise Unified School District to change their policy on religious teachings.

It’s a controversy over the message on two roadway signs.

One promotes teaching the Ten Commandments in the sixth grade.

The other calls for the reinstatement of the Pledge of Allegiance with the words, one nation (and school district PUSD) under God…

“This is a Christian nation the courts have actually ruled that and the district wants to be secular in their outlook,” said Stankis.

The phrase “get a life” comes to mind. The country is full of people like this, people who become obsessed about a single issue and who badger the hell out of school boards, city councils and other local officials.

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