The Titanic and Theocon Propaganda

The Titanic and Theocon Propaganda April 17, 2012

April 15th was the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and the event has prompted a really weird meme among the religious right. It seems the Titanic is a metaphor for everything they want to argue all of a sudden. And for some, it isn’t a metaphor. Doug Phillips weirdly seems to think that the Titanic is evidence of the goodness of Christianity, while the sinking of a French ship is proof of the evils of evolution. Get a load of this:

Phillips: People that were on board the deck of the Titanic at that time were individuals that grew up in a culture which was distinctively Christian in its perspective of the role of men and women and there’s an interesting contrast because in the year 1898 a French vessel called La Bourgogne sunk and when it sunk the sailors and the officers literally threw women and children into the water, beat them over the head, and the men lived and the women died. It sent shockwaves throughout the entire world, people said, ‘how could such a thing happen?’ And in trying to understand why that happened, the commentary was, they grew up in a culture that embraced evolution, it was the struggle of the survival of the fittest, they grew up in the culture of the French Revolution which had rejected biblical Christianity and embraced paganism and the consequences were that men treat women horrifically.

Now we flash forward to the year 2012 and this year our president has finally taken us over the abyss and we have full-fledged commitment to women in the frontlines of combat in overseas battles, we need to understand that that’s the first time in the history of the West that any nation has formally endorsed such a thing and it represents a radical departure from the values that were on board the ship in 1912…

Phillips: Evolution says the struggle of the survival of the fittest, there are no differences between men and women, there is no charity, there is no deference, and in an evolutionary world feminism reaches its height and we see no distinctions. The result is babies are killed en masse, women are treated like chattel and men no longer take on their masculine role as defenders…

Pate: As you’ve pointed out, throughout society for thousands of years we have looked at the protection of the innocent as of utmost importance and yet as we’ve allowed evolution and feminism to infiltrate our education system, even our churches and certainly our entertainment, our the media, we have lost sight of what God’s word has said about the protection of the innocent.

Julie Ingersoll has already debunked this silly claim. Then there’s this video about how gay rights is the iceberg that is already sinking the U.S. Titanic.


Funny stuff.

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