Florida ‘Family’ Group Freaks Out Over Gay People at Disney

Florida ‘Family’ Group Freaks Out Over Gay People at Disney April 20, 2012

The Florida Family Association — like nearly all groups with “family” in the name, that really just means they hate all families that include gay people and aren’t ashamed of that fact — is throwing a hissy fit over the annual gay day at Disney World because — ZOMG! — kids might actually see gay people there.

How would you feel if you entered the Magic Kingdom anticipating a normal day of fun with your family only to witness thousands of same-sex couples holding hands, hugging, kissing and wearing tee-shirts that promoted their lifestyle?

LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender) activists converge on the Magic Kingdom the first Saturday of every June for an event called Gay Day at Disney.

Just like activists’ attempts to gain access to youthful minds through LGBT characters in video games they also want to impact a captured audience of tens of thousands of children during the first Saturday of Summer Break.

Last year Florida Family Association hired an aircraft company to pull a banner for ten hours the day before and ten hours the day of to warn families about this offensive event before they arrived at the park on Saturday.

The airplane banner influenced mainstream family attendance at Disney during Gay Day to DROP between 50% to 60%. We believe this aircraft banner warning to families SPARED TENS OF THOUSANDS of children from the unexpected exposure to this coming out party. This airplane banner is the most cost effective manner to warn families before they:

• Expose their children to same-sex revelry.

• Spend hundreds of dollars on tickets.

• Pay for parking.

• Commit a day for fun now ruined.

• Purchase food and novelties.

Yeah, you can’t let your kids see gay people and families that include them having a normal day of fun. They might start to think that gay people aren’t evil and possessed by demons.

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