Cop Crosses Thin Blue Line, Could Lose Job

Cop Crosses Thin Blue Line, Could Lose Job April 24, 2012

If you want an example of just how sick our criminal justice system has become, look no further than Regina Tasca. She intervened to pull two other cops beating the hell out of an emotionally disturbed young man they were supposed to be taking to the hospital — and now she could lose her job for it. This report will turn your stomach:

She responded to a call from a mother for help getting her emotionally disturbed son to the hospital. The ambulance was on the way. She called for backup and two officers from a nearby department responded. She had her dashboard camera rolling and here’s what it caught:

Tasca described what we see on the videotape: “The Ridgefield Park officer automatically charges and takes him down to the ground. I was quite shocked. As he’s doing that, another Ridgefield Park officer flies to the scene in his car, jumps out and starts punching him in the head.”

On the tape you can hear Tara, the mother, and Kyle, her son, screaming, “Why are you punching him?” and “Stop punching me!”

The two Ridgefield Park Sergeants are never heard refuting the claims that they punched the 22 year-old man as he was waiting for an ambulance.

Even worse, Kyle was never charged, nor arrested, for any offense. Tasca says it’s because he never threatened, did not have a weapon, and indeed never resisted and was not violent. Eventually Tasca was able to pry the punching Ridgefield Park officer off Kyle, as seen in a picture taken by the Kyle’s mother, who also later commended Tasca in a phone call…

“This was excessive force used against an emotionally disturbed person,” she said. “This was an unlawful tackle, this was a punching an emotionally disturbed person whose arms were pinned under his chest with his face pushed into the ground.”

Photographs and reports from the hospital show showing bruises to the victim’s head, neck and arms. Rather than being commended for protecting an innocent, vulnerable kid, here’s what happened next:

Tasca’s voice began to waiver as she recounted the meeting with her superior officer:

“The next thing I know he asks me to turn over my weapon and be sent for a fitness for duty exam,” she said.

Bogota PD, after hearing Tasca’s story, believes she is psychologically incompetent to be a police officer, and she is being sent for testing. The Ridgefield Park Police officers seen tackling and punching an emotionally disturbed man waiting for an ambulance are never questioned. never interviewed by an Internal Affairs Investigator, and are still working the streets today…

Tasca says the real reason she’s being called out on these charges is she crossed the “blue line” by refusing to support another officer even when he used excessive force.

Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly an unusual story.

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