More Police Brutality in Miami

More Police Brutality in Miami April 24, 2012

Carlos Miller, the incredibly important Florida journalist who chronicles police abuse and illegal actions in response to those who tape that abuse, has a report on another appalling incident with the Miami-Dade police. A cop there allegedly brutalized a man standing in front of his own house, then illegally harassed a camera crew that came there to cover the incident.

A Miami-Dade cop who claimed he was looking for a robbery suspect confronted an innocent man who was standing in front of his home, threatening to tase him before grabbing by him his neck, slamming him to the sidewalk and throwing him into the back of his patrol car Thursday…

The incident began when Thomas pulled up to Soto and demanded his identification. When Soto told him he had no identification with him, that he was standing in front of his own home, Thomas grabbed him by his neck and slammed him down, according to Soto and various witnesses.

América Tevé reporter Ernesto Morales Licea, who has been an avid Photography is Not a Crime reader ever since I was invited on his network to speak about my last arrest in February, did an excellent job of standing up to the cop when he turned on them, ordering to turn off their camera.

Internal Affairs is now apparently investigating the officer, but I’d be very surprised if he got anything more than a slap on the wrist — if that. Carlos Miller is going to be a guest on my radio show next week.

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