The Amusement of Wingnuts in Groups

The Amusement of Wingnuts in Groups April 26, 2012

Right Wing Watch has an amusing video and transcript of a conversation between some of the looniest wingnuts in the country — Lou Engle, Rena Lindevaldsen, Matt Barber, Cynthia Dunbar (yes, the one from the Texas BOE) and Greg Quinlan (an ex-gay type). Engle wants to pray, you see, but he’s waiting for God to give him the go-ahead:

Engle: I think we need a massive, concerted prayer movement to deal with principalities and powers and pray that God would release laborers into the harvest field.

Barber: If there is anybody in the room who is adept that leading that …

Dunbar: You’ve got that in your heart, with your spirit, and we’re with you.

Quinlan: We need that.

Barber: Did you volunteer yourself, Lou?

Engle: In 2006, we did 50 days and 50 nights of intercession of seven young people, we were given a dream of two tornadoes coming to destroy America and they were the homosexual and abortion tornadoes. In the dream I was given a sight to raise up intercession to confront those tornadoes.

Quinlan: Please.

Engle: And Bound4Life was raised up but I’m haunted that God has not opened the door for me to go after this thing, I’ve tried, I’ve gotten blasted.

Barber: It’s time.

Engle: I don’t know how to do it but I am crying out to God for an answer.

Lindevaldsen: Meet with us afterwards … we need a prayer movement because a spiritual battle is at the root of this.

Someone needs to take this video and add yakkity sax to it.


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