Silverman, Scott Get Serious Death Threats

Silverman, Scott Get Serious Death Threats May 2, 2012

David Silverman and Blair Scott from American Atheists have received death threats by both email and voice mail recently that are serious and disturbed. They’ve been turned over to the police, who should have little difficulty tracking down the person who sent them.

“the minute you [Blair] step to speake, a 30 30 round will be put in your head, and then you will meet the satan and demons of hell that you do not believe in……………..dave however, will be taken and tortured for weeks till he crys out for ‘god’ to save him”

From the voice mail:

“If you [Blair] or Dave ever email me again, I will hunt you down like a bloodhound, tie you to a tree and torture you for weeks… damn f*ing [edited] atheists…”

He was getting email because he signed up on our web page as a user in order to stalk Dave and Blair. He has posted on their online videos, etc.

Yes, he actually signed up for email updates, then said he would kill them if they kept sending him email. This person needs to be in jail.

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