Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Farah v Wurzlebacher

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Farah v Wurzlebacher May 2, 2012

Pop the popcorn, kids, it’s wingnut on wingnut crime time again. This time it’s Joseph Farah of the Worldnutdaily vs (Not) Joe the (Not) Plumber. NJNP, as I will henceforth call him in this post, told CBN that Obama was blessed by God to become president after leaving Islam for Christianity, and that makes them brothers:

“He became a Christian against all odds, and ultimately – I don’t know God’s will – but if you follow what God wants you to do, he will bless you. Barack Obama has been blessed by God, to become president,” Wurzelbacher said. “After Barack Hussein Obama suddenly cast-off his Muslim roots, rejected his mother’s disbelief in God, turned tail on the Islam of his early life and converted to Christianity – BLAM – he’s elected president,” he wrote in the letter to CBN. “Anyone who believes the two things are not connected is being disingenuous at best. I don’t know how or when it happened, whether when he was partying at college or five minutes before he first decided to run for office, but it doesn’t matter – he came to Christ and he is my brother.”

Now this is stupid enough, of course. It’s just NJNP babbling like the idiot that he is. But Farah’s reaction is predictably even more ridiculous.

How about this?

  • his support of same-sex marriage
  • his support of open homosexual activity in the military
  • his support of killing innocent babies in the womb
  • his support for withholding life support for survivors of abortion
  • his support for forcing those of Christian conscience to provide sterilization and abortion services to their employees through mandatory health-care programs

Barack Obama has been at war with God before he took office and ever since.

What am I missing here?

The ability to think rationally. That’s what you’re missing.

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