The Worldnutdaily Sees Angels

The Worldnutdaily Sees Angels May 13, 2012

In case you were wondering whether there was any limit to how stupid a story can be before the Worldnutdaily would refuse to print it — there isn’t. Joe Kovacs — the WND reporter who said he joined the site because he “desperately wanted to cover real news, the important events of the nation and world, without any political agenda as an undercurrent” — thinks he sees angels on video. Or maybe devils. Or something.

What are said to be security guards are seen rushing in with flashlights to investigate the scene.

“You see the security running to see what happened,” she continues. “And you can see the pulsating. … It looks like a butterfly. … I think it’s an extraterrestrial. An extraterrestrial means simply from another dimension so it doesn’t have to be a negative thing right away.”

As she slowed down the speed of the video, she noted, “You can see a humanoid surrounded by some type of wings and energy that is protecting it. … It’s very strange. I almost want to say that it is extraterrestrials or when people come out of their body. That’s the way we look like. … It’s a humanoid. It’s a man in there. I want to say that it’s naked, it had no clothes. … Now it’s facing us, and then it turns and faces to the right side. Whatever it is around him is pulsating.”

A woman named Pramana Abbas mentioned the incident on the New Covenant Journal blog on Sept. 27: “My cousin was in Cilandak on that night and the people who witnessed it was talking about it the whole night. It’s real. They saw this bright light coming down from the sky, hit the ground, then took off.”

Here’s the video, with narration:


This is too much even for the Worldnutdaily’s typical readers:

An obvious fake especially with a group of people showing up immediately after with flashlights. It’s a shame WND would even post this, it hurts their credibility.

No it doesn’t. They never had any credibility to lose.

It’s things like this that make me consider dropping WND. Getting sort of tired of their sensationalism and acting like the tabloids you see in the local supermarket check-out lines. Credible journalism doesn’t pull these types of stunts to attract readership.

But they’re not credible journalists and never have been.

This is my favorite. Try to make sense out of this:

Unless one has the inside information,then one can say it is false,and we appreciate for people who investigated it.Otherwise,jumping into conclusion to dismiss it assertively as non-supernatural encounters,that doesn’t suffice Skeptics like me,who believe in Supernaturals,seen many times and tasted them many times.

Whatever the matters,truths or fictions,make believe or others,this is an interesting piece of works,from any artist point of views,just like we love Les miserables,The wicked Witch,and so forth,despite we know they were fakes,we just got entertained,so what?By suggesting that WND is using a cheap stunts here to boost readership,this is by far most sinister,and despiscable.Too quick to judge one’s integrity without valid reasons,unless one is very sure just as the Winged Creatures is fake,so declare it.Making accusations against Ministers of the Gospel as False teachers,or WND is involve in some ethical violations,one must be solid in proof,otherwise one bears false witness,and found to be inspired by the dark-side.

Okey dokey.

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