Wingnut: Environmentalism Modeled After Satan

Wingnut: Environmentalism Modeled After Satan May 22, 2012

The wingnuts continue to barrel down the tracks in a crazy train. Cal Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance appeared on Janet Parshall’s radio show and explained how environmentalism is really a Satanic idea full of the most horrible sins imaginable. Try to follow the, uh, “reasoning” of this.

As I look at the growing depravity in the United States, whether it’s in those things that most of us think about in terms of depravity, sexual perversion and so on, or in those things that people don’t usually think of in those terms but Paul certainly does: theft, disobedience to parents, dishonoring of authorities, covetousness, greed, idolatry. All of these things are signs of the depraved mind to which God gives people over when they choose not to recognize Him. The Cornwall Alliance is trying to call attention to these things to show particularly how they are dominant in the environmentalist movement…

It turns upside down the whole understanding that Scriptures gives us of God, man and the earth. In Scripture, in Genesis 1-3, we see that God is supposed to be in supreme authority, He rules over man, man then rules earth as God’s representative, so hierarchically it’s God, then humanity, then the earth. The environmental movement turns that upside down just as Satan did in the Garden of Eden as he tempted Eve, he wanted Eve to submit her will to a serpent, one of the creatures, and put that serpent over her and God under her, so it becomes earth, then humanity, then God.

I bet the rivers on Planet Wingnuttia catch on fire a lot.

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