Equality = Communist Persecution!

Equality = Communist Persecution! May 24, 2012

Matt Staver and Matt Barber aren’t the only people affiliated with Liberty Counsel who can engage in the most overblown hyperbole when attacking anything that departs from their theocratic preferences. LC attorney Harry Mihet went on the radio show Crosstalk recently and equated gay rights with communist oppression:

Caller: I think it’s going to come to a time where as believers and followers of Jesus we’re going to be put into a situation where we are going to have to speak the truth in love to a homosexual and I think we need to be ready and just be willing to suffer for the cause of Jesus Christ.

Mihet: I think you’re right. Unfortunately I think truth is becoming the new hate speech in this country and I think we are headed for a time when speaking the truth is going to cost something. I’ve certainly seen that happen in Communist Romania, I saw how my father was taken from a church after a service and driven to the headquarters of the secret police and was held there and interrogated there for days at a time for doing nothing more than speaking the truth. Now that’s something we would expect from the Communists but that is something we are determined to not allow to happen in the land of the free, and so I think that’s the urgency that we’re dealing with here and that is why it is so important for every freedom loving American to inform themselves and to equip themselves and to join us in this critical fight for freedom in this country.

If they don’t have the freedom to oppress others, it’s just like communism!

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