Breitbart Site Engages in Absurd ‘Vetting’

Breitbart Site Engages in Absurd ‘Vetting’ May 30, 2012

One of the features at these days is something they call “the vetting.” It’s a series of articles purporting to show the real Obama by digging up obscure pictures and statements from decades ago that show that he’s really a Muslim, communist, socialist, atheist or whatever bugaboo they’re going for this week.

In this piece, they actually debunk an idiotic claim making the rounds in right-wing emails that a picture of Obama in 1980 shows him standing next to William Ayers. The writer, Charles C. Johnson, rightly points out that the guy standing next to Obama is a fellow student, not Ayers, who is 17 years older than Obama. But then he finds an old quote from a fellow student who took the picture of Obama, which he falsely characterizes as being “opposed to America’s military.”

I’m not in favor of any overly active militarization, nationalistic, or otherwise. Militarization leads to militarization. If you strengthen your armies against the belief that someone else is strengthening theirs, they will strengthen theirs and it’s an endless, vicious continuum.

On Planet Wingnuttia, you see, liberals are responsible for everything said by anyone who takes your picture. And then Johnson unleashes this bit of stupid:

Given Obama’s anti-military views at the time, and given how quickly President Obama has been slashing defense spending and downgrading U.S. military capabilities, it’s worth wondering whether he still shares that view, despite many campaign-friendly photo-ops with the troops.

Obama? Slashing defense spending? Join me on this planet for a moment, where Obama’s defense secretary has been parroting Republican rhetoric about how even the miniscule defense cuts agreed to by the Republicans in the sequestration deal — a tiny drop in defense spending — will undermine America’s ability to defend itself. That assertion is absolutely laughable, of course, as is the notion that Obama has been “slashing defense spending.” These people just aren’t on the same planet the rest of us are.

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