Hagee: America is Under God’s Judgment

Hagee: America is Under God’s Judgment June 3, 2012

Pastor — and deranged lunatic — John Hagee has a book out explaining why America is “under judgment” by God for our terribly sinful ways. He presents a number of “proofs” of this by citing mundane and routine facts that have existed in every society at different times.

Some of those “proofs” are in pretty obvious conflict. For example, he claims that the economic problems we’re experiencing are evidence of God’s judgment, but then he also cites America’s losses in the Vietnam and Korean wars as evidence of God’s judgment. But since those two wars, we’ve had many cycles of raging economic growth and many wars that resulted in quick victory (to whatever extent any war can be called victory). So apparently God’s judgment waxes and wanes and, naturally, works in mysterious ways.

But then when he’s talking about the Vietnam and Korean wars, he says that it was the fault of Congress for not going for “all out victory.” So which is it, did we lose because of bad political decisions or did we lose because of God’s judgment? He also cites the divorce rate, which has actually been going down for years. Does that mean we’re not under God’s judgment quite as much as we were before? How do we measure this?


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