San Diego Gets a Gaggle of Wingnuts

San Diego Gets a Gaggle of Wingnuts June 5, 2012

San Diego is already home to Jim Garlow, a loony anti-gay fundamentalist preacher. Now his Skyline Church is hosting a conference with the worst and the dullest of the religious right, an event called Rise Up California, co-hosted by the local chapter of the Eagle Forum. Right Wing Watch has a list of the speakers:

Brian Brown and Jennifer Roback Morse of the National Organization for Marriage will also address the conference alongside Vision America’s Rick Scarborough, a birther and “Christocrat” who believes AIDS is part of God’s judgment and is working against the “sexual anarchy led by sodomites.” The NOM leaders’ appearance with Scarborough, who as Kyle noted earlier today mourned the decline of the white population, won’t help their attempts to distance NOM from a campaign memo based on sowing racial divisions and build a “rainbow coalition” to oppose the gay rights “storm.”

Joining them will be Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy, the antiMuslim conspiracy theoristwho was banned from CPAC and the “Weyrich lunch” for his extremist views and attacks on fellow conservative leader Grover Norquist.

Another speaker is Dinesh D’Souza, who is turning his discredited bookThe Roots of Obama’s Rage, into a movie with the help of Republican megadonor Joe Ricketts, who recently had to drop a proposed plan to finance racially-charged ads linking President Obama to Jeremiah Wright.

Now that is a Who’s Who of stupid, bigoted and crazy. I guess Scott Lively must be busy.

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