WND Pushes Creationist Nonsense

WND Pushes Creationist Nonsense June 5, 2012

The Worldnutdaily has a long article promoting Walt Brown’s hydroplate theory, a thoroughly ridiculous conjecture that purports to explain how the entirely mythical Noah’s flood occurred. It’s all presented uncritically, of course, without any examination of the many absurdities of his “theory.”

How silly is Brown’s idea? He actually claims that Noah’s flood created the asteroids and comets in the solar system. Yes, I’m serious. Chris Sharp has some fun with that claim:

It is claimed that at the time of the flood, the fountains of the deep broke open ejecting superheated water into the atmosphere, which subsequently came down as rain and snow. It is also claimed that the asteroids, meteoroids and comets in orbit around the sun were ejected from the earth at the time of the flood, as covered in his book on pages 219 through 225. Let us look at the specific claim for the asteroids. As Walt Brown claims to be doing science, it is legitimate to use science to examine this claim, in fact exactly the same as one of the branches of science he uses in his book, namely celestial mechanics, which anybody taking freshman physics or astronomy will learn. Other than the miracle he is granted at the beginning, he will be held to the standard of freshman science. The SI system will be used throughout, except where clarification is required.

The largest asteroid in the main asteroid belt is Ceres with a mass of 8.7×1020 Kg and orbits at a mean distance from the sun of 2.767 AU (astronomical units), between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, and where 1AU is the mean distance of the earth from the sun, which is 1.496×1011m. The mass of Ceres is approximately a third of the mass of all the asteroids together, of which there are probably millions, but most of this mass is concentrated in Ceres and a handful of the other large asteroids in the main belt, which orbit at approximately the same distance from the sun as Ceres. We will neglect other objects beyond the main asteroid belt, including Kuiper belt objects beyond the orbit of Neptune. There are asteroids inside Mars’s orbit, including some that can come very close to the earth, but they are small and make up a negligible mass relative to the main belt asteroids. Consequently, we can calculate the energy required to move the amount of material corresponding to the asteroid Ceres from the earth’s surface to the orbit of Ceres, and the energy for all the asteroids will be approximately three times this.

The energy necessary to move an object from the earth’s surface to another orbit around the sun is given by the amount of energy required to lift this object from the earth’s surface to a point in space ahead or behind the earth, where it is stationary relative to the earth and far enough from the earth so that the earth’s gravity can be neglected in the calculations, then move the object out to the orbit of Ceres…

Dividing the energy obtained earlier for all the asteroids by the energy from (7), we obtain in round figures a number of about 60,000, i.e. the energy released during Noah’s flood to eject all the asteroids corresponded to about 60,000 asteroid impacts on the earth! To put this in another perspective, a “decent” sized hydrogen bomb releasing an energy of 10 Megatons of TNT, releases 4.187×1016 J, so the energy released in ejecting all the asteroids corresponds to 9×1029/4.187×1016 = 2.1×1013 hydrogen bombs, i.e. the energy equivalent of about twenty trillion “decent” sized hydrogen bombs would have had to have been released during the flood year. The mind completely boggles how Noah and his family, together with his menagerie of animals and plants could have possibly survived all this in a large wooden boat! Not only that, but according to Walt Brown’s model, most of this energy would have been released in the first few weeks of the flood. Without invoking miracles, explain: (1) where did this energy came from, (2) how did Noah and company survived, and (3) as this all supposedly happened only about 4500 years ago why is there no evidence for this?

The answer should be obvious: Magic! God miracled it! As if that was part of any valid scientific explanation.

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