McCotter Fiasco Used to Justify Voter Purges

McCotter Fiasco Used to Justify Voter Purges June 6, 2012

A Heritage Foundation representative went on MSNBC and advocate laws that purge voter rolls and make it far more difficult for people to register and to vote. When challenged to come up with examples of actual voter fraud, he could not — but he offered up Thad McCotter’s petition debacle as an excuse for them:

DARLING: And there’ve been examples of voter fraud… in Florida. Look at ACORN.

TODD: Where is this voter fraud? I mean it is not this giant…

DARLING: We’ve had recent examples.

TODD: We’re talking about one or two people here, one or two people… and we’re not even a hundred percent sure.

DARLING: We just had a Michigan Congressman [Republican Thaddeus McCotter] resign… not run for re-election because he gathered signatures… his campaign gathered signatures that couldn’t be validated.

Say what? McCotter’s problems have exactly nothing to do with voter fraud. It isn’t even voter registration fraud, for crying out loud. It was just a matter of laziness or incompetence, apparently, where the campaign only gathered 250 signatures so they photocopied the petitions over and over again to make it look like they got 2000 instead. That has nothing even remotely to do with anyone voting illegally.

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