Barber: Family Member Got What He Deserved

Barber: Family Member Got What He Deserved June 7, 2012

Uber-bigot Matt Barber participated in a panel discussion at a wingnut conference recently and told the story of a “very dear family member” who is gay and HIV-positive. After telling his story, he concludes by blaming him for it, that AIDS is the natural result of his “sin.”

“He was seduced. Found a group of people who welcomed him and embraced him and accepted him. And they had counselors and others who said, ‘This is what you are, you’re gay, embrace it and be proud of it.’ You know the rest of the story. He’s in his thirties, his young thirties now, and he’s dying of HIV/AIDS. The wages of sin is death.”

I’m sure his life would have been so much better if he’d gone through “ex-gay therapy” and pretended not to be gay in order to please bigots like Barber.

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