We Have New Blogs!

We Have New Blogs! June 11, 2012

We have two new bloggers to welcome to Freethought Blogs. Please welcome Zinnia Jones, a video blogger, and Ashley Miller to the network. We’re very excited to have them here, so go say hi to them. And stay tuned, we have at least two more new bloggers coming soon.

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  • Ed — word of advice. If you haven’t done so already, you should seriously think about starting a Freethought Video Blogging Network on YouTube (or affiliate yourself with an existing one).

    “Vlogging” has the potential to reach a wide audience, particularly amongst the young who consume YouTube with the same appetite as kids did MTV back when it was new.

  • Actually, that is what we’re doing. Zinnia Jones is a vlogger and we’ll soon be adding Cristina Rad and Thunderfoot as well (their blogs are set up but not ready for public launch yet).

  • I’d like to see Chris Crocker do a “leave Christians alone” video.

  • Excellent.

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