WND Pushes Ron Wyatt’s Nonsense

WND Pushes Ron Wyatt’s Nonsense June 11, 2012

The Worldnutdaily is recycling a 9 year old story that is based on even older claim by creationist fraud Ron Wyatt in order to sell a documentary that claims to have found the exact place where the Red Sea was parted by God to let the Israelites escape from Egypt.

Ron Wyatt claimed to have found a chariot wheel at the bottom of the Red Sea near Nuweiba, Egypt, which he also claimed to have had validated as an Egyptian chariot wheel from the proper time period. There have been several “documentaries” made about this, all making essentially the same claim that this validates the exodus story in the Bible. WND even calls it “irrefutable evidence,” but it is nothing of the sort.

“I am 99.9 percent sure I picked up a chariot wheel,” said Peter Elmer, a forklift mechanic from Keynsham, England, who made two diving trips to the Gulf of Aqaba branch of the sea. “It was covered in coral.”

“I believe I actually sat in an ancient chariot cab,” he told WND at the time, referring to his time exploring a submerged item in the underwater junkyard. “Without question, it is most definitely the remains of the Egyptian army.”

Well it’s nice to know that a forklift operator has declared that he has discovered something that is “without question” what he wanted to believe was true.

“Even a novice can readily see that these are not natural coral formations,” Rood said, showing a variety of circular shapes he insists are chariot wheels, some with axles still intact.

He gave special attention to a single gold-veneered, four-spoked chariot wheel that was photographed and buried in place with a marker buoy nearby.

“Because coral does not attach to gold or silver, this priceless specimen remains untarnished by time,” he said, calling it “strong evidence that this is actually one of the two chariot wheels that the pharaoh rode to his death.”

Yeah, except…not so much. John Loftus actually debunked this one years ago. There is no reason why coral would not grow on gold or silver, nor is there any reason to believe that what is found there is anything but the most mundane of objects. There are a million ways a chariot wheel might be on the sea floor, especially in an area that is relatively shallow and part of a land bridge. This is like finding big boulders around Jerusalem and claiming that this is “irrefutable evidence” that Jesus rolled one of them away from his tomb when he was resurrected.

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