The Five Worst Quacks in the World?

The Five Worst Quacks in the World? June 16, 2012

Atheist Hobos has a list of the five worst quacks in the world today. Despite the fact that Deepak Chopra is not on it, it’s a pretty good list. Two of the five are anti-vaxxers, Jenny McCarthy and and Meryl Dorey. Then there’s Leonard Horowitz, an AIDS denialist who sells products like this:

Breath of the Earth Hawaiian Holy Water

HYPERCHARGE NATURAL HEALING using Hawaiian Holy Water researched by Dr. Len Horowitz and Dr. Masaru Emoto. This water holds the spiritual blessing of the Big Island of Hawaii, revered by Kahuna’s as the sacred rebirthing place spiraling down from the center the universe. This supercharged blessed water is recommended for its “purgative and restorative” properties. It ousts negativity and general pathology, and lays the foundation for the creation of paradise.

Price: $24.20

Yep, that will land you on a list of quacks every single time. So will this:

Holy Harmony Perfect Circle of Sound Tuning Forks (Complete Set)

Used for healing, chakra balancing, or instrument tuning, the 9 Holy Harmony Tuning Forks contain the 6 frequencies (“the original Solfeggio”) found in “Healing Code” by Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Dr. Joseph Puleo; plus 3 newly discovered frequencies completing this numeric series and creating “God’s Perfect Circle of Sound.”

Price: $188.00

Or you could just flush your money down the toilet and complete the perfect circle of sanity.

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