Fake Study Author a Lifelong Bigot

Fake Study Author a Lifelong Bigot June 20, 2012

I’m sure it will come as no surprise that the author of that terrible study on same-sex parenting is a fundamentalist Christian who has a long history of advocating anti-gay positions and advocating “covenant marriage.” Scott Rose has the details:

In one strikingly peculiar revelation, Regnerus wrote: ”My father, a minister, told me that he’d rather ‘bury people than marry people.’” We must not ignore that Regnerus’s writings often have been used in the past by anti-gay groups to promote anti-gay ideas. In an article sub-section titled “Changing Ideals,” Regnerus wrote: “Our Creator clearly intended for male and female to be knit together in covenantal relationship.”

In that connection, everybody must take note that the “Social Science Research” editor James Wright, who published Regnerus’s study simultaneously with another anti-gay parenting study by the theocrat propagandist Loren Marks, has published books promoting “Covenant Marriage.” Wright furthermore has, in his published academic papers, written about the supposed “threat of gay marriage as a potentially destructive influence on the institution of marriage.”

Regnerus is a 1993 graduate of Trinity Christian College; even today, that school’sdiversity statements say nothing about sexual orientation, or gender identity and expression. Regnerus later taught at Calvin College, which is one of the most resolutely and aggressively anti-gay schools in the country.  The Calvin College Board of Trustees only recently issued an edict that “advocacy by faculty and staff, both in and out of the classroom, for homosexual practice and same-sex marriage is unacceptable.”

As part of the gay-bashing promotional blitz of his hack job that Regnerus has been coordinating with his NOM funders, Regnerus has been lying his head off. On the evangelical website Patheos, Regnerus held a Q&A with himself, to promote his study, and his and NOM’s faith-based anti-gay hate, in which he fraudulently alleged that his personal religious viewpoint had nothing to do with his study. Meanwhile on his Trinity Christian College alumnus biography, Regnerus says:  ”After I graduated, I went to seminary.” Regnerus goes on to say: ”As Christians, our lives should reflect our relationship with God and our desire to glorify Him. I’ve noticed that some Christian professors see a disconnect between their faith and their profession. I believe that if your faith matters, it should inform what you teach and what you research.” Regnerus further says: “When I teach . . .  my worldview colors what I do in the classroom.”  He also says: “I want my students to recognize the connection between my faith and my work.”

Don’t worry, we all recognize it.

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  • naturalcynic

    With his CV, why the hell did Regnerus make tenure at UT?

  • erichoug

    why the hell did Regnerus make tenure at UT?

    It is certainly an interesting question. But, he does seem to have a lengthy history of research and writing and not all of it appears to be bunk. Although a lot of it does seem to be Christian themed, I am not 100% sure that necessarily means anything. Most of the US and indeed the western world is Christian with much of our culture and society deeply woven with this particular religion and it seems appropriate to study and understand how that has affected our society. The problem would be if the researcher is letting his personal bias affect his reserch. Which definitely seems to be the case in the last study.

  • “As Christians, our lives should reflect our relationship with God and our desire to glorify Him.”

    This is what I don’t get. Why spend any time glorifying some supreme being that is so egomaniacal (pardon my spelling) that it demands we spend any of our precious few moments of existence on glorifying that which is already glorious beyond our comprehension?

    That’s like giving our hard earned money (repeat, earned) to the Queen of England, wealthy beyond our imagination* so she can have more rubies and sapphires.

    *Can any of you imagine being a billionaire and wanting more, more more?

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Rotten science for the rotten glory of a rotting religion.

  • Michael Heath

    In order to protect the integrity of scientific methodology, social scientists need to soon cancel their subscriptions to the publication which published this article if a retraction isn’t quickly forthcoming.

  • plutosdad

    Every study and experiment author’s views influence the study. That’s why we have peer review before you get published and repeatability afterwards. He seems to think he is above this.

    From reading the takedowns of this ridiculously bad study, I’m even surprised it could pass peer review and get published in the first place. But I suppose the type of peer reviewers at “Social Science Research” probably just read the abstract to make sure they agree with the study’s conclusions, then stamp it approved.

  • Quantum Mechanic

    Well, hello there, confirmation bias! I didn’t even see you…

  • slc1

    Apparently, Prof. Regnernus is now trying to cover his ass by claiming that he didn’t have sufficient data to determine the suitability of a married same sex couple to adopt or, in the case of a lesbian couple, produce children. He admitted that he had only two married lesbian couples in his study, obviously insufficient to claim anything.

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne


    Correct spelling shouldn’t require pardon, although these days it does sometimes elicit surprise.

  • beergoggles

    Well I hope UT realizes how this reflects on them. Several facebook friends and I recently withdrew from the Massachusetts Health and Relationships Survey they were conducting on same gender married couples in this state because they cannot be trusted.

  • umberson

    Dear beergoggles and Boston. I am the person running the Massachusetts Health and Relationships Project. I work at the University of Texas and I am mortified that Regnerus works in my department.

    I’ve made a public statement (Huffington Post) on what I think of the Regnerus study. See it at


    I can also tell you that there is an ongoing investigation of the peer review process that led to publication of the Regnerus article. I am one of the professors who signed the letter requesting the investigation.

    Please know that I have nothing to do with this guy. I’ve been studying relationships and families for over two decades now. Regnerus purports to study families in this paper but he is not a family sociologist and knows nothing about families.