Engle: God’s Punishment Can Stop ‘Gay Agenda’

Engle: God’s Punishment Can Stop ‘Gay Agenda’ June 22, 2012

In the video below, the terminally crazy Lou Engle tells his followers that they can stop the “gay agenda” with help from God, who may send a “great shaking and judgment that brings us to rubble.” And you have to love the way he speaks on stage, like a demented high school football coach firing up the team


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  • ArtK

    Given Engle’s God’s usual accuracy and timing, there will be an earthquake in Kazakhstan in 2023 in response to these prayers.

  • eric

    Earthquakes and ‘earth shaking’ are classic favorites of con men and fortune tellers, because there are literally thousands of (small) quakes each day. Statistically, your chances of a generic quake-prediction not coming true are 0.

    For reference, the USGS reports that there are about 3,500 2-2.9 earthquakes every day, about 350 3-3.9’s per day, about 35 4-4.9s per day, and so on. Predicting earthquakes will happen is like predicting the sun will rise.

  • Gregory in Seattle

    Just like it stopped the fall of the Roman Empire. And the mixing of the races. And women having (gasp!) the same legal and social rights of a man.

  • MikeMa

    With god’s notoriously bad aim, a couple of churches are likely to get hit. Must be a message in that somewhere.

  • tmscott

    Hey Ed,

    Sounds like we’re due for a variation of Jen’s “Boobquake” campaign.


  • bornagainatheist

    Can’t he afford chairs for his audience? They have to listen to that drivel and sit on the hard floor too? Geesh!

  • I haven’t had a new copy of the Gay Agenda for ages, I think it must be out of date by now. Can one of the Sinister Secret Backers of the Gay Agenda please have a burly, black-clad man drop off a new copy in the usual place for me?

    @tmscott: Perhaps a male equivalent, Moobquake?

  • matty1

    What is “The Elijah Revolution”?

  • rork

    Let’s do some kissing in front of the churches. Could be fun.

    In Ann Arbor we’d do it on the diag every Valentine’s day.

    No rubble so far.

  • dingojack

    matty1 – weren’t they a one-hit-wonder Xian band of the late sixties?

    😉 Dingo

  • MikeMa


    Perhaps you need more participants? Maybe with enough tongue there will be some damage.

  • Michael Heath

    Here’s a great graphic on tornadoes: http://goo.gl/gLK2C

    Note all the deaths in 1974 in the bar chart in the lower-left hand corner. Those occurred in early-April of that year. I used Wikipedia’s 1974 page to figure out what had pissed God off so much. I learned that a black man, Henry Aaron, was uppity enough to break Babe Ruth’s home run record on one of the very days God was killing off Americans via tornadoes.

    Now we got ourselves a black president, proof positive global warming is both real and God has hardened the hearts of conservatives to insure we don’t stop him from turning earth into Venus.

  • cjcolucci

    If they would be satisfied with praying, and then leaving the matter to God to take care of in His good time and in His chosen way,I’d be OK with that. But they won’t be.

  • arakasi

    The age group in the US that is most reliably anti-gay (65+) is also the group with the highest rate of death from “natural causes”

    I think that we can see here which side of the issue God is on…

  • garnetstar

    OK, an enormous earthquake reduces America to rubble. Millions are killed, millions more trapped under rubble, millions more are homeless and starving.

    So FEMA immediately swings into action by calling on Congress to make homosexuality illegal. No need for disaster relief!

    (Here’s a old joke, marginally relevant, about the time God sent Katrina in order to teach the gay a lesson:

    Is Bush for or against Roe V. Wade?

    Neither. He doesn’t care how poor people leave New Orleans.)

  • anfractuous

    garnetstar, how did I miss that gawdawful joke at the time it was relevant? Gee, thanks for catchin’ me up!