Huckabee: Obama Could Deny Water for Baptisms

Huckabee: Obama Could Deny Water for Baptisms June 22, 2012

Mike Huckabee appeared on a Family Research Council webcast and declared that if Obama’s contraception insurance policy isn’t stopped, the next thing you know the EPA will be telling Baptists that they can’t baptize people because it uses too much water. Seriously.


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  • StevoR

    Anyone who says or believes that has to have had their intelligence, um, watered down!

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

  • StevoR

    Yet what’s the bet a lot of wingnuts still end up going to / passing water over this claim though?


  • He has a point. All that holy water has to go somewhere. It mixes in with regular used water and returns for filtration, but I’m not aware of any EPA requirements foe removing holiness from water.

    Just think of all that holy water, diluted to homeopathic levels of holiness, returning to the nation’s groundwater, the oceans, and human water facilities!

  • With Nixon you immediately knew he was a resentful asshole, but Huckabee, at least in manner, comes off as nice. Then brain parses words, pauses, and outputs “Why don’t his eyes match what his mouth is doing?”

    Why can’t you actually be nice, Huckabee?

  • lordshipmayhem

    Worse yet, the EPA will insist that holy water be replaced by dihydrogen monoxide, a known deadly acid! We’ll scald the kids! Aieee!

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  • Scientismist

    Well, yes, if the churches were insisting that they could force their employees who are not members of their church to be dunked in a filthy tub against their will, I would hope that the government might have something to say about that, too.

    But I expect that government protecting the religious and health concerns of mere employees would, in that case too, be an excessive burden to the churches, who are the only entities with any rights in such matters.

  • jaranath

    Thing is, that’s not so crazy and kinda proves our point.  If water became so dear, EPA wouldn’t regulate baptism, they’d regulate water consumption in general, and then Baptists would demand special exceptions for religious reasons.

  • d cwilson

    Once again, wingnuts confuse not being able to force others to live according to their religion with being prevented from practicing their religion themselves.

  • Woof

    Chucklebee is using to much air.

  • John Hinkle

    Huckabee on FRC. Hmm. Can’t think of anything more unlikely.

    If these people had good points to make, why do they have to bathe them in woo?

    Oh yeah, there’s the money-making part of it.

  • kermit.

    I am weary of right wing lunatics getting hysterical about some “might be intending to…” warning. It’s bad enough when, because of their values, they panic and wet their pants at real danger, like marriage equality or women’s reproductive rights.

    But people,

    “Obama wants to take our guns.”

    “Obama wants to take our baptismal water from us.”

    “Obama wants to impose Sharia law on us.”

    …this is just shit someone made up.

    Sigh. This is why I just listen to Brazilian jazz or New Age music on my twice-daily commute.

  • People who consider someone like Fuckabee or Tony Ducks to be decent human beings who–aside from their FUCKING INSANE or TOTALLY CYNICAL views and pronouncements–are somehow worth listening to are missing the point.

  • Rip Steakface

    Funny how Obama simultaneously can’t do anything at all, and yet also is capable of these maniacal, insidious plots to Destroy America ™.

  • bluentx

    Zinc Avenger @ #3:

    “…I’m not aware of any EPA requirements [for] removing holiness from water.”

    This water treatment plant operator LOL’d!

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