Fischer: Let Sick People Die

Fischer: Let Sick People Die June 24, 2012

Bryan Fischer has a solution to the nation’s high health care costs: Let people die in the streets rather than requiring hospitals to treat them. He says that’s why the costs are so high and hospitals can’t afford it.

If we want to bring down the cost of health care, it’s easy. What we lack is not the way but the will.

The way is simple.

First, eliminate the federal requirement that hospitals have to treat any patient who shows up. That’s the place to begin. Get government out of telling hospitals who they have to do business with. There is simply no way to control the cost of health care if hospitals are obligated to provide healthcare to all regardless of their ability to pay.

But then he contradicts himself and says that most hospitals will treat them anyway because they’re Christian:

Most hospitals were started by Christians or Christian organizations, and will find a way to offer care to the indigent whether the federal government is standing over them with a cudgel or not. The American people, because of the spirit of Christianity, are the most generous people on earth, which they prove time after time when disasters hit anywhere in the world.

Cognitive dissonance is your friend.

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