Crouches Accused of Covering Up Granddaughter’s Rape

Crouches Accused of Covering Up Granddaughter’s Rape June 28, 2012

Things may have just gone from bad to worse for Paul and Jan Crouch, owners of the Trinity Broadcasting Network. One of their granddaughters is already in court alleging massive financial fraud by the organization and now another granddaughter has filed suit claiming they covered up her rape by a TBN employee.

A granddaughter of Trinity Broadcasting Network founders Jan and Paul Crouch filed a lawsuit Monday alleging that she was plied with alcohol and raped by a TBN employee when she was just 13 — and that her family covered up the incident, rather than report it to authorities, to protect TBN’s reputation.

According to the complaint, Carra Crouch claims says she was 13 when Stephen Smith drugged and raped her in a hotel room while she was attending a Trinity fundraiser and telethon in Atlanta, in April 2006.

This is from the complaint:

“Ms. Crouch was distraught over what happened, and upon the advice of her mother, decided to talk with Jan and John about what happened.

“Plaintiff had a meeting with Jan in Jan’s TBN affiliate-owned mansion located in Newport Beach, CA where she told her everything that had happened. In response, Jan became furious and began screaming at Ms. Crouch, a thirteen-year-old girl, and began telling her ‘it is your fault.’ After being told by Jan Crouch that it was her fault she was raped, plaintiff approached John Casoria about the incident.

“John Casoria also became agitated at plaintiff and told her he did not believe what she was saying to be true. He elaborated by stating he further believed she was already sexually active ‘so it did not really matter’ and he ‘believed she may have propositioned him.’ Ms. Crouch, a thirteen-year-old girl, had not been sexually active and was absolutely devastated about what happened and about how John and Jan responded to her.”

The plaintiff is now 19 years old.

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