The Worldnutdaily’s Missing Argument

The Worldnutdaily’s Missing Argument July 1, 2012

The Worldnutdaily headline screams OBAMA AMNESTY ADDS ILLEGALS TO VOTER ROLLS. But if you read the article, they don’t even attempt to show how the new immigration policy could or would do that, just a naked assertion from the founder of an anti-immigration group.

It’s been more than a week since President Obama announced a unilateral plan to allow young illegal immigrants to stay in this country and legally obtain work permits, but critics are still fuming over what they see as an unconstitutional method to attain an overt political goal.

Jim Gilchrist is founder of the Minuteman Project – a group founded several years ago in response to what he considered the federal government’s abdication of border security responsibilities in the Bush administration. He is even more infuriated with what he sees as blatant political pandering now from President Obama through his executive order to implement key aspects of the DREAM Act…

Gilchrist says Obama is consciously encouraging illegal behavior in hopes of legalizing tens of millions of immigrants who shouldn’t be here. He says the ultimate goal is to turn the vast majority of current illegals into loyal Democratic voters.

They don’t even try to make an argument here and everything they say here is false. The new policy applies to a very limited group of people, those who were brought here illegally before age 16, are under 30 and are either in the military or in college. That isn’t “tens of millions” of people, not even close. And the policy does not give them citizenship, only work visas, which means they aren’t eligible to vote. But why let facts get in the way?

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  • So they’ll take our jobs?

  • John Hinkle

    But if you read the article…

    Thanks for sparing us, Ed.

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  • had3

    Last time I checked (~3 months ago) the estimated illegal alien population in total was ~13 million. Hard to have tens of millions when there is barely ten of millions.

  • I thought the president had a plan to move tens of millions of Muslims here before the election.

    So the votes of those Latino tens of millions and the Sharia-loving Muslim horde’s tens of millions combined should give Obama the largest election victory since Stalin recorded massive margins of victory.

  • hunter

    Ed, you’re missing a key point: the assertion is the argument.

  • baal

    good person discount

    In TASS Soviet Russia times, the news media was totally State controlled and everyone knew it. They then ‘discounted’ the lies; ex 11ty billion really meant 11,000. A tiny truth must be in there somewhere. This is consistent with brain scientists thoughts on how thinking works as well.

    By going total insanity, the wingnuts are taking advantage of this discounted thinking feature we all share by dint of being human.

    Even the wingnuts know the WND is extreme so that 10’s of millions becomes even several hundred thousand (.03% or so)…that’s the margin in many elections. Even ‘giving obama the benefit of the doubt’ the elections are ‘stolen.’

    Makes perfect sense to lie your ass off. (unless the rest of the media and social forces tie consequences to your lying)

  • had3 beat me to it. The total estimated population of illegal aliens is just barely 10 million, not “tens of millions”. This works about to about 2-4% of the population. So even if this policy applied to all illegals, when it applies to only a tiny fraction of them, and even if it gave them the right to vote, which it doesn’t, you’ve got nowhere close to “tens of millions” of new voters.

  • lorn

    — insert the sound of sad/bitter/derisive/ironic laughter here —

    People are people. You either deal with them as they are, warts and all, or you don’t.

    I had no problems with Thunderfoot. I didn’t follow his posts carefully. I gathered that he was more concerned and careful with the Muslim/religion issue than sexism, about which he was relatively careless and sloppy. His style was sometimes harsh. Sometimes derisive. If you forget about being insulted, old school I’m quite used to being insulted, he made some good points. Used to old message boards I’m used to looking past what is posted to see what the person is try to say and rooting out pearls of wisdom in heaps of nonsense. IMO most people have something useful to say. But you may have to squint, and look past the nonsense, to see it. IMO too many people here are paying far too much attention to hurt feelings and wallowing in their pain but when your running your blog as a center for hand holding it is to be expected that rudeness would be seen as egregious.

    That said a civil tone should be observed and was not. Hurt feelings, ironically of the more hidebound posters, resulted in unfortunate use of insults. Nobody gets to avoid having their feelings hurt and/or sacred cows gored but there are limits.

    Harder to see what Laden may have done but I’ve always sensed he had a sharp tongue and little patience if cross-threaded.

    I will say that of those things posted on this forum I find the admonition to ‘shut up and listen’ to be the most offensive. Who the hell died and made you Pope. So you figure I need to just sit at your feet and drink in your sage advice? Well la … de … da.

    Demanding that everyone purify their souls of all traces, and thousands of years of, sexism and racism before they can comment is like the argument from presuppositional apologists where you have to concede the major points before you get to argue them. It is going to get mighty cold and lonely in your inner sanctum waiting for people to see things your way before they enter.

  • lorn

    Sorry, misposted this on the wrong blog. My deepest apologies. Please delete this and above ASAP.