Gaffney: Obama Embracing Radical Muslim Gay Agenda

Gaffney: Obama Embracing Radical Muslim Gay Agenda July 13, 2012

The absolutely deranged Frank Gaffney struggles mightily to make a coherent argument for his staggeringly inane belief that President Obama is dedicated to advancing both Sharia law AND the “radical homosexual agenda.” And he’s doing so in the Moonie Times, owned by a guy with his own version of Sharia law and a deep-seated hatred of gay people.

Worse yet, our troops are seen by the enemy in these and other ways to be submitting to the latter’s doctrine of Shariah. According to that supremacist code, its adherents are compelled, when confronted with evidence they are winning, to redouble their efforts to make us feel subdued. This generally translates into more violence against our troops and us, not less.

Assault on the culture of the military: Last, but not least, President Obama’s use of the military as a vehicle for advancing the radical homosexual agenda in the larger society has demonstrated for many in uniform civilian indifference to the unique attributes of the armed forces.

The mind boggles.

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