Wingnut Chaplains and the DADT Repeal

Wingnut Chaplains and the DADT Repeal July 17, 2012

Uber-bigot Tony Perkins hosted fellow wingnut Ron Crews, executive director of the Chaplains Alliance for Religious Liberty, on his radio show and they commiserated on the terrible evils of allowing gay people to serve openly in the military:

Perkins: The Department of Defense is kind of suppressing these differing views, only kind of giving a platform to those who are embracing this new policy, where do you think that pressure is coming from within the Department of Defense?

Crews: It’s coming from the very top. The senior leaders of the military are all presidential appointees, the senior attorney, Jeh Johnson, of the military is a presidential appointee. So these senior leaders fall in line with the president and his policy, who is turning our military into a social experiment, I believe, at the expense ultimately of what our military is intended to do and that is to provide for the protection of this country, to defend this nation. The current administration is turning our military into a social experiment to promote the cause of the homosexual agenda in this country.

That’s the exact same argument used by those who opposed Truman’s racial integration of the military too, that the president was harming the military in the name of some “social experiment.” The dystopic predictions from the loony right never change; they also never actually happen.

Crews: The jury is still out. I’m concerned about long-term retention and recruitment. How many moms and dads are going to want their children to go into a military where their son or daughter may be in a barrack that they have no control over, in a two-man barrack, a two person barrack, where they may be placed with a homosexual soldier and they have no recourse, so we’re concerned.

Uh, I’ve got news for you: There have always been gay soldiers. If you’re really this paranoid about sharing quarters with a gay man, wouldn’t you rather have them be allowed to be open about it so you know who they are? I mean, even from their own bigoted premise, you’d think they would support the repeal.

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