American Decency Association Doesn’t Heart Google

American Decency Association Doesn’t Heart Google July 20, 2012

The American Decency Association — really just a handful of wingnuts in Fremont, Michigan with a P.O. Box and an axe to grind — is urging its followers to email Google and tell them that they’re upset about the company “imposing its values” on their customers by being publicly in favor of equality:

Your company recently announced your new “Legalize Love” campaign. You stated that Google is “proud to be recognized as a leader in LGBT inclusion efforts.”

Why? Google is a company that has excelled at what it has set out to accomplish. You have made many successful products that do not discriminate against any colors, creeds, or “sexual orientations.”

Why does a successful internet company like yours – which has nothing to do with cultural standards – suddenly feel the need to impose your values on your customers who may not agree with you on such a controversial issue as homosexuality? For that matter, what gives you, a technology company, the right to tell people what’s right and wrong?

Please, just make your product and stay out of the culture war.

So I’m sure they’re going to start boycotting Chick-Fil-A because that company is imposing its values on their customers by supporting anti-equality efforts, right? Right? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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