Michigan Rep: Obama a Secret Muslim Terrorist

Michigan Rep: Obama a Secret Muslim Terrorist July 24, 2012

Rep. Dave Agema, who was recently elected by the Michigan GOP to represent them on the Republican National Committee, is a special kind of stupid, the kind who would need a promotion to get to be a mere idiot. Here’s a perfect example:

“Which is it? He can’t be both,” he said. “It’s disingenuous to say one time you’re a Christian and then say another time you’re a Muslim.”

Mr. Agema said his other problem is with Mr. Obama saying Islam is a religion of peace.

“Not all Muslims are terrorists, but just about every terrorist is a Muslim,” he said. “I disagree that Islam is a religion of peace.”

Jeff Wattrick of Deadline Detroit responds:

Either Agema is a delusional nutter or a lying sack of shit (investigators have not ruled out the possibility he could be some combination of the two) because Obama has never said he is a Muslim.

As for Agema’s claim that nearly every terrorist is a Muslim, that would probably come as a shock to anyone familar with the lynchings of Emmett Till and Viola Liuzzo, the Symbionese Liberation Army, the Posse Comitatus movement, the murder of Denver radio host Alan Berg, Jewish Defense League leaders Irv Rubin and Earl Krugel plot to kill Republican Congressman Darrell Issa,Columbine, and oh yeah, Tim McVeigh bombing the Oklahoma City federal building.

But those don’t count, obviously. Only Muslims commit terrorism, so if a mass killing is done by a non-Muslim, it can’t be a terrorist act. QED.

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