And Now, a Word From the Conspiracy Nuts

And Now, a Word From the Conspiracy Nuts July 25, 2012

We’ve heard all the idiotic responses from the wingnuts blaming the Aurora shootings on the usual suspects — taking God out of schools, putting evolution in, “shaking our fist at God” and similar such rot. Now let’s hear from the real loonies, the conspiracy nuts, who are convinced that Obama is behind the whole thing, all part of his master plan to let the UN steal our guns.

Let’s start with Vox Day at the Worldnutdaily.

Holmes is only the latest in a series of “lone gunmen” who are possessed of seemingly supernatural talents, such as the ability to defy the laws of physics or to be in two places at the same time. The magic bullet of Lee Harvey Oswald, the super-explosive power of Timothy McVeigh’s fertilizer bomb, the four living Saudis who are confirmed to have survived their reported participation in the 9/11 crashes and the remarkable incendiary talents of Martin van der Lubbe are all similar examples of the way in which the official story put forth by the government simply doesn’t withstand the test of science and reason.

There can be no doubt that in light of the complete political failure of the gun-control movement over the last 29 years, the Obama administration is desperate to find a way around the Second Amendment by signing the Arms Trade Treaty presently being aggressively pushed by the United Nations. With 58 senators already on the record as being opposed to any treaty that would infringe upon Second Amendment rights (thereby giving them cover to claim that the treaty does not affect such rights until after the treaty comes into effect and is clearly seen to do so), the administration was in dire need of a gun-related crisis to reduce the public opposition to the treaty.

And in the absence of any crisis it could utilize – for as Rahm Emanuel has said, “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste” – it appears the administration may have found one.

Yes, of course. It was Saul Alinsky, on the grassy knoll, with a pipe bomb. And then there’s Alex Jones, who will no doubt find a way to link this all to chemtrails, the Illuminati and Area 51 soon.


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