Christian Sees Angel in Clouds

Christian Sees Angel in Clouds July 27, 2012

Well this was predictable. Whenever there’s some tragic event, you can count on a hyper-emotional Christian to find something to turn into a sign from God, even if they have to invent it out of whole cloth. Here’s a perfect example from the Aurora shootings:

Crystal Fuller took the photo after the vigil was finished Sunday night, but said she didn’t notice the image of the angel right away.

“I noticed it afterwards. I had it posted and said crazy cloud…. one of my friends, Barbara Masias, said it’s an angel and I saw it!” said Fuller..

The shape of the angel in the clouds appears directly above the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, she said.

You’ll see whatever you want to see in it.

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  • Yea, like the first person said in the comments. I see Gandalf.

    But seriously. If it was an angel, why the fuck didn’t God stop a man from shooting a whole bunch of people? If his protection is on the world, why wouldn’t he cause the guy to have a heart attack before walking into the theatre?

    “God loves us, he shows signs in the clouds!!”

  • alanb

    Just an angel? Where’s Jesus? Or Mary? Why send an underling to do such an important job? Here’s how to do it right.

  • Sqrat

    I see a penis penetrating a vagina. Maybe it was God’s way of saying, “Screwed you guys again!”

  • Ha ha ha ha. You dumb bastard. It’s not an angel… it’s a Sailboat.

  • Looks like a severe thunderstorm that could possibly cause high winds, or even a tornado.

  • It looks just like an innocent cloud busily clouding to me, not like the one in the note at the bottom of this page.

  • Hey, I see the angel ! And just behind him, darker and looking to the right, is Godzilla.

  • thisisaturingtest

    Funny how these folks never get the actual message of pareidolia- that when you see things like god in clouds and toast, you’re really just seeing him in the only place he actually exists- your mind.

  • It was all the souls floating up to heaven.

  • Gregory in Seattle
  • @ this ‘the actual message of pareidolia’

    It’s verging on pareidolatry. 🙂

  • jimmiraybob

    Hey, I see the angel ! And just behind him, darker and looking to the right, is Godzilla.

    Yikes, I’m not the only one? This clearly calls for a new Rising Savior Reptile religion.

  • Sastra

    I’m a watercolor artist who does/used to do home portraits — commissioned paintings of one’s house and landscaping. Years ago I did an A-frame in the country and set it beneath a blue sky dotted with clouds. I work very quickly wet-in-wet for cloudy skies, dappling and dabbling here and there.

    When it dried I noticed something interesting. One of the clouds looked just like an angel. I mean, it had even had features on the “face.” My husband saw it, too (after I pointed it out.) I knew it was simply a trick of the technique — there was nothing so clear or obvious that it couldn’t have been — but I thought it ironic anyway, as I am an atheist and wasn’t “into” the craze on angels so popular at the time (the 90’s.)

    So I toyed with the idea of pointing it out to my client. “Look, an ‘angel’ appeared. Ha ha!” She might enjoy that.

    Um, no. Rethought. She might “enjoy” that a little too much. She might consider it a miracle. I had no idea of her religious beliefs, and am very careful to keep my own out of the professional relationship. It’s not relevant — and it’s not unlikely that someone would refuse to have any dealings with an artist who doesn’t believe in God and isn’t even spiritual. People can get very emotional about art and often connect it to being religious.

    If I pointed out the cloud-angel, the whole conversation could have turned very deep or very silly (depending on your take.) Did I really want to risk becoming an anecdote about The Atheist Whom God Worked Through? No.

    I kept mum. Until now…

    It was an angel!!!!! Whoa!!!11!1!

  • I see a thunder cloud. A thunder cloud that did not provide us with much needed rain.

  • jakc

    And in addition to angel clouds, can we say that the theater had a cat (real cat, not Anne Hathaway) who went to everyone who was killed and sat in their lap before the show?

  • Sastra

    It’s a demon, waiting for Holmes to return and getting impatient. Run!

  • oranje

    Christians do love their Rorschach tests, don’t they?

  • sbuczkowski

    You’ll see whatever you want to see in it.

    I see fall streaks and I bet precipitation radar would back me up on that.

    Now, the gorilla with the pompadour hair off to the right of the fallstreaks, that one has me flummoxed.

  • jba55

    “This clearly calls for a new Rising Savior Reptile religion.”

    I, for one, welcome our giant lizard overlords and would like to point out that I can splash paint on a sign so that it might kind of look like Jesus and lead the silly to their nuclear dinner caves.

  • Eric R

    I see jesus pointing at the theatre and laughing

  • bbgunn

    I see Bozo the Clown puking onto the theater.

  • Doug Little

    So god is selling tickets to events now.

  • sceptinurse

    I saw a dragon in the clouds once. It was very cool for the 10 minutes or so that is lasted. A nice way to relax for a few minutes out of a very busy day. And I didn’t share it with anyone. It was my dragon.

    Imagination can be a good thing.

  • paul

    And in addition to angel clouds, can we say that the theater had a cat (real cat, not Anne Hathaway) who went to everyone who was killed and sat in their lap before the show?

    I’d rather have Anne Hathaway sit in my lap before I die.

  • acroyear

    Someone I knew in school many years ago once posted on FB the pic of the ‘cross’ beam that the religious right wanted to have included in the memorial, using the words, “if this isn’t showing that He is watching over them, what would be?”

    I immediately typed…in my own blog rather than there, so as to not be rude…, “oh I don’t know. maybe the Towers actually still standing?”