Benny Hinn: Revival Begins with Billy Graham’s Death

Benny Hinn: Revival Begins with Billy Graham’s Death July 30, 2012

Famous evangelist Billy Graham is 93 years old and in poor health, so his death at any moment would hardly be a surprise. And it looks like faith-healing fraud Benny Hinn is positioning himself to take over that mantle, telling followers that God has shown him that Graham’s death will mark the beginning of a huge American revival of religious fervor.

Preacher and televangelist Benny Hinn has said on a Trinity Broadcasting Network program that he believes when the Rev. Billy Graham dies, America will experience a major religious revival.

In remarks recently delivered in the United Kingdom posted on YouTube, Hinn said that the famous 93-year-old American preacher’s death would be a sign.

“The sign will be Billy Graham’s death,” said Hinn, as another individual on the video spoke of “a manifestation of power” being brought down on thousands of people.

“You are talking about a people in hiding, just like Elijah was hiding … The Lord said to me in ’89 – yeah, ’89, He said when Oral Roberts and Billy Graham go home will be the key, will be a sign, of the beginning of the greatest revival on earth. Oral is home. Billy is about to go home. And when he does, I am telling the whole church, get ready.”

Fundie fraud to English translation: Start sending me the money you’ve been sending him.

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