Title X Grants Keep PP Clinics Open

Title X Grants Keep PP Clinics Open July 30, 2012

Here’s a great move on the part of the Obama administration. They’re giving out Title X grants to Planned Parenthood family planning clinics that have been defunded by state legislatures, helping to keep their doors open to continue serving the medical needs of woman and families.

Ten Republican-controlled state legislatures have voted to defund Planned Parenthood since the 2010 midterm elections, but the clinics affected by the cuts will not have to shut their doors any time soon. The Obama administration so far has awarded hefty new federal family planning grants to Planned Parenthood clinics in three states that have cut the providers’ funding: New Jersey, Tennessee and North Carolina.

A Planned Parenthood clinic in Durham, N.C., was awarded a $426,000 Title X grant on Wednesday, just weeks after the state legislature overrode Gov. Bev Perdue’s (D) veto and cut $343,000 in state money from the provider’s budget. Anti-abortion lawmakers and advocacy groups are furious that the Department of Health and Human Services seems to have circumvented state legislatures to continue funding an organization they oppose…

While Obama supports Planned Parenthood, the direct Title X grants are not exactly unusual: HHS has contracted directly with Planned Parenthood providers for years, including under former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. But the Planned Parenthood clinics that are receiving new federal grants this year are applying for those grants for the first time after defunding in their states created a need for federal money.

Paige Johnson, a spokesperson for the Planned Parenthood clinic in Durham, said that clinic has never appealed to HHS for Title X grants because it was always able to partner with the state. But after the state stopped contracting with Planned Parenthood, the clinic made the case to HHS that it is the primary provider of family planning to low-income women in the area. Under federal law, HHS is required to award grant funds in a manner that expands women’s access to care in the most cost-effective way possible in areas of the greatest need.

Bravo, Obama.

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  • Cue the exploding right-wing heads.

  • Randomfactor

    This is exactly the right thing to do. As is the HHS setting up Medicaid systems for the states which have opted out.

  • erichoug

    The ability of the average human being towards wish thinking is amazing. This all reminds me of an incident in my own family. When my Sister put her teenage daughter on one of the long term birth control, one of my sister in laws was very upset and told her that it would only encourage her daughter to have sex. To which my sister replied that the reason they put her on BCin the first place was because they had caught her buck naked and in flagrante delicto with her then boyfriend and she thought that 17 was a little earl to be a mom and definitely too early for her to be a grandmother.

    But, some people love their magical thinking.

  • fastlane

    Ed, please follow up with the right wing posts claiming they won’t be paying any more taxes because they don’t want to be forced to support abortion.

    I can’t bring myself to peruse right wing hate sites…I just don’t have the stomach for it.

  • skinnercitycyclist

    @fastlane, those funds are probably being disbursed under aegis of the Hyde amendment, so it’s likely no funds will go to abortion services. Of course, that will not restrain the mendacious from claiming they are forced to pay for something they find morally repugnant, and to their credit they will think they are being honest since they seem to think everything down to coitus interruptus (or defending yourself against rape) is a form of abortion (well, see what happened to Onan….)

  • John Hinkle

    Anti-abortion lawmakers and advocacy groups are furious that the Department of Health and Human Services seems to have circumvented state legislatures to continue funding an organization they oppose…

    Translation: How DARE the Obama administration take away our god given right to control women?!?

  • fastlane “Ed, please follow up with the right wing posts claiming they won’t be paying any more taxes because they don’t want to be forced to support abortion.”

    Third hit in googling “obama health human services planned parenthood”:

    “I’m disappointed that Rep. Cohen has found a way to redirect our tax dollars to abortion services after both local and state elected officials had cut funding…” Dr. George Flinn (one of the GOP candidates vying to take on Cohen in November).

    First hit in same:

    Foxnews.com, Obama administration chooses Planned Parenthood over women’s health(*1)

    *1. If you keep a file of links to bring out to promote or refute points when you find peope who are wrong on the internet, this can be added under the section: “FoxNews is a Proper News Organization® filled with Real Journalists®“(*2)

    *2. In this case, the completely objective journalist Kellie Fiedorek (staff counsel at Americans United for Life).

  • One reason we need to keep pushing back against restrictions against abortion is that the resistance put up by the religious right helps show average American’s what the right’s goals really are. Doing so helps cut away some of the tacit support that exists within the United States for these kinds of misogynist fanatics.

  • Artor

    You know, this is a good thing, and I’d like to see more of it. The feds should step in and fund medical care for EVERYONE, not just women,. Then we’d have the single-payer health care that the rest of the civilized world has. Push this farther, and it could turn into the solution to health care reform we’ve wanted for years.

  • gratch

    Is it weird that the first thing I thought of after reading this was an image of the pope sitting on a golden throne and stroking a handlebar mustache saying, “Curses! Foiled again!”

  • d cwilson

    gratch @10:

    My mental image was almost the same, except Pope Palpatine was stroking a Persian cat.

  • d cwilson @10:

    Lies! There was no cat.

  • arakasi

    Here’s some more ammunition for when someone complains that “There isn’t a bit of difference between Romney & Obama”. If Romney gets in, he’ll probably give instructions to cut the funding five minutes after the inauguration.

  • mithrandir

    Yeah, these grants are TOTES being used to fund abortion. As if every Planned Parenthood in these states doesn’t already have a revolving door for the state auditors examining the books with a microscope for even a single red cent leaking from the earmarked grant budget to the abortion budget.