Shooting Victim ‘Felt Evil’, Says God Saved Him

Shooting Victim ‘Felt Evil’, Says God Saved Him July 31, 2012

And here we have the perfect contrast to the rational survivor of the Aurora gunman who thanked the paramedics and doctors for saving her life; this guy says God saved him because he was praying. Oh, and that God was in the theater that night with him — but apparently not with all the dead people.

So were the dead people not praying? Did God just not love them as much? Did he just think you were so special that he had to save you, specifically? Oh, right — so he could tell the world that God saved him. So why did he save the skeptical girl who thinks rationally so she could tell her story? He also claims that God created a miracle by making the guy’s gun jam. Really? So why didn’t he let it jam before all those other people were killed? Such absurdity.

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