Ed is a Poker God

Ed is a Poker God August 2, 2012

Those words will appear on a t-shirt that JT Eberhard will be wearing at Skepticon in November, the result of having lost to me in the charity poker tournament to benefit the Foundation Beyond Belief. In fact, he lost to me not once, but twice. How? I’ll explain.

I had no idea this was going to be a rebuy tournament — I really hate rebuy tournaments — but with a far lower turnout than expected, I think they decided they needed to do so to get the take up for the charity. Can’t really blame them. But they announced up front that rebuys would only be available for the first two levels. During that time, I was pretty much card dead and JT was fairly hot, building up one of the bigger stacks at the table (JT, Jesse Galef and I were at one table; Dave Silverman and Sean Faircloth were at the other table, along with many other people at each of course).

But during the third level, things started to change. I went all in against JT and doubled up, crippling his stack. A short time after that, someone else knocked him out. There, I win our bet. Right? Well, kinda. He went off to drink away his sorrows and a short time after that the tournament went on break. At the end of the break, as we’re all sitting back down, Dale McGowan, who had busted out very early, was sitting back down with chips. But the rebuy period was over after the second level, so how could that be? Well, they apparently decided to change the rules on the fly. So JT got to buy back in.

Now, usually when you have a last longer bet in a rebuy tournament, the rebuys don’t count; if you bust out first, the other guys wins the last longer bet even if you make a big comeback and he busts out the first time before you bust out the second time. I explained that to JT and so did the guy who was running the tournament, but he seemed skeptical — for obvious reasons. Turns out it didn’t matter because, fairly early on after the break, I busted him out when I flopped a set on him (I was ahead anyway, it wasn’t a suckout).

So now, he has to go to Skepticon in November wearing a t-shirt that says, “Ed is a poker god.” And I get bragging rights for pretty much the rest of our lives — or until we can sit down and play some cash poker against one another. The reality is that, as much as we’d been talking shit about this, it was pretty much a crapshoot. He actually played well, he just lost every coin flip he was in after the first level. There’s nothing you can do at that point.

And more importantly, we had a lot of fun. It was great to see JT, Jesse, Dave and Dale again. Now we just have to get a real poker game going. Maybe at Skepticon? I’d love to take some of JT’s money while he’s wearing that shirt.

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