Pastor Indicted for False Imprisonment, Kidnapping

Pastor Indicted for False Imprisonment, Kidnapping August 2, 2012

From the Department of What the Hell Were You Thinking: A pastor in Pennsylvania has been criminally charged with false imprisonment and assault for staging a fake kidnapping of the youth group at his church that none of them knew was fake.

The fake raid occurred at Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church in Lower Swatara Township when four men — one carrying an unloaded but real gun — rushed into a room full of youth-group participants, put pillowcases over their heads and forced them into a van. The children didn’t know the raid was fake. One was injured…

John Lanza, the pastor of the church, said after the incident that the raid is used as a learning experience to show what some missionaries deal with because of their faith…

After bursting in on the youth group, the raiders prodded the hooded kids into a church van and drove across the parking lot to the pastor’s house. They led the teens through the garage, past the pastor’s motorcycle with crucifixes painted on its gas tank to an interrogation room in a dark corner of the musty basement.

A single-bulb painter’s light was suspended from the ceiling. It illuminated a lone chair. The men questioned each teen for 30 seconds in the room, raising their voices to invoke fear, before releasing them, Lanza said in March.

What are they doing to do next, nail a kid to a cross as a “learning experience” to show them what Jesus allegedly went through?

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