King Has New Birther Theory

King Has New Birther Theory August 5, 2012

Rep. Steve King was asked at a townhall meeting why he wasn’t spending more time investigating Obama’s birth certificate and he gave a fascinating answer. After reasonably concluding that no one put two fake birth announcements into the national archives almost 50 years later, he came up with a new theory for how it might have happened:

“Before he was sworn in for the presidency, we went down into the Library of Congress and we found a microfiche there of two newspapers — only two newspapers in Hawaii — each of them had published the birth of Barack Obama,” the congressman explained. “It would have been awfully hard to fraudulently file the birth notice of Barack Obama being born in Hawaii and get that into our public libraries and that microfiche they keep of all the newspapers published.”

King added: “That doesn’t mean there aren’t some other explanations on how they might’ve announced that by telegram from Kenya. The list goes on.”

But the Iowa Republican concluded that there was no point “drilling into that now” because “even if it turned out that Barack Obama was conclusively not born in America, I don’t think we could get that case sold between now and November.”

Yes, they might have faked those birth announcements when he was born by sending a telegram from Kenya, knowing that almost five decades later he would want to run for president and he had to be a citizen to do so. I’m sure Saul Alinsky and George Soros are behind the whole thing.

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