Barton: Even the Nostalgia Was Better in the Old Days

Barton: Even the Nostalgia Was Better in the Old Days August 6, 2012

David Barton is doing some of his famous crack research to support one of his loopy theories — crack research meaning asking a wingnut rabbi a question. This time he’s fondly reminiscing about the days when people got married at 12 or 13 and went to work, as God wants them to do.

Green: Isn’t that the difference between the Founding Era and ours today in terms of expectations? They expected you to do a lot while you were young. You didn’t wait until you were 40 to figure out what God had for you in your life.

Barton: They didn’t know what the word “adolescent” meant. And, by the way, I checked with Rabbi [Daniel] Lapin, he says that is not a word that appears in Hebrew because it’s not in the mind of God. God wasn’t into adolescence, He was in to having you become productive, having you be fruitful, having your produce and so that’s why there was no adolescence in the Founding Era; that’s a modern phenomenon, that’s a progressive liberal phenomenon is adolescence.

Yep, adolescence is ungodly. And I think every church youth group should disband immediately rather than shake its fist in the face of God and prompt his wrath.

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